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Laser alignment and brakes installation


In Euroservice "SAVAS" we have all the necessary exoplismo to obtain reliable measurements and expertise needed to ensure you:

  • the safe operation of your vehicle
  • To avoid problems resulting from misalignment
  • reducing the damage caused by misuse
  • reduce repair costs
  • good maintenance of your vehicle



Placing ABS brakes

The growing need to reduce accidents, which are caused by increased traffic density and higher speeds, which result in large numbers of deaths and injuries, led in recent years the global automotive intensive efforts to improve both active and passive safety of vehicles. Significant contribution towards active safety has offered in recent decades the Anti-lock Braking System (Anti-lock Braking System / ABS).

Mandatory supply of commercial vehicles with ABS system from the beginning of 2009 brought up under the truck market.

Specifically, the Ministry of Transport has decided to impose a decision on the use of the ABS on all vehicles imported to our country from the beginning of 2009, and transferred to the same date of commercial vehicles.

The ABS offers the driver, in addition to maintaining the stability and control of the car when braking in both the straight and when cornering, and the following functions:

And applies braking force and the mechanism before the ABS is activated, the power is distributed between the front and rear wheels so as to not block the rear wheels much earlier than the front and ensure the steady progress of the car.
often achieved the ideal braking time.
The ABS anti-lock brake system operates almost entirely the limits provided by the physical properties of the tire and the road surface.